nancy shevall Paul McCartneys Fiance: ASU Grad!

Nancy Shevall, future wife of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] is NOT a celebrity.  At least, not yet!  Her background has been kept pretty quiet over the four years they’ve been dating.  One thing we have found out is that she has ties to the Valley!  Did you know Ms. Shevall holds a degree from ASU?

(Courtesy of the Arizona Republic)

Sir Paul McCartney’s bride-to-be is an expert in transportation. Nancy Shevell holds a business degree in transportation from Arizona State University.

While the singer, 68, and businesswoman Shevell, 51, have been dating for years, his lady love has kept a pretty low profile when it comes to celeb  tabloids.

But she has made a name for herself in the transportation industry.

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According to her company website, she is VP — Administration of New England  Motor Freight Inc. and the Shevell Group of Companies. She is in charge of  “accounts receivable, corporate communications, benefits administration,  purchasing of all supplies and equipment – with the exception of trucks – and  overall office management.”

Shevell also is active in the world of charitable organizations and is  co-chair of the Arlene Walters Shevell Endowment Scholarship Fund, a family  foundation which assists groups for parents of addicted children and offers  financial support for individuals in accredited rehab programs.

According to the site, she also was appointed Chairperson of the Capital  Construction Committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in 2004. She  was named to the MTA board in 2001 by former New York Gov. George Pataki.


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