ann b davis then brady bunch 385x280 Ann B. Davis   Dead Or Alive?

Ann B. Davis was best known for her role on The Brady Bunch as housekeeper Alice Nelson, but I remember her even before that as Schultzy on the Bob Cummings Show for which she won a couple of Emmys.  Today, two questions come to mind:  is she still alive and what does the B. stand for  in her name?  

Ann Bradford Davis is very much alive, and celebrating her 85th birthday today.  Happy Birthday Ann!  And thanks for the memorable characters you helped to create, we love you.

ann b davis 2007 Ann B. Davis   Dead Or Alive?

Ann B. Davis - 2007

Comments (6)
  1. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Ann!! You still ROCK!

    1. She;s a sweetie! – Steve

  2. virginia flores says:

    i love watching the brady bunch i jest love her very much the brady bunch she was so funny

  3. Mathew Tatro says:

    Happy Birthday Ann.

  4. Mimi says:

    Morning Ann I am writeing too you I didn’t know you had a Twin Sister I lost mine in 1978 she was 15 in the Hospital I miss her bad I feel sad for my sweet Mother she loved her soo much it hurt all our Family on loseing a strate A gril. Well gotta go now happy 85 too ya. Also my Dather just turn 86. Love ya & keep happy. Mimi

  5. Ken Morrison says:

    Dear Ann B. Davis, I live in San Antonio,TX. I’ve heard that you live here,as well, if it’s true or not,I grew up in Fresno,Ca. I was in a motorcycle acci;dent,that kinda forced me to move with my mom,she decided to move back to San Antonio,TX. where she is from, I love the attitude here!

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