royal wedding flower girl 5169158 The Royal Wedding   By The Numbers
These are some staggering figures. We’ll start with the small ones first and work our way up.
8  -   trees that decorated the aisle at Westminster Abbey

9  -  length of the royal couple’s relationship before marrying

17  -  types of flour made from sugar paste for the wedding cake

18  -  caret weight of Kate’s engagement ring

21  -  chefs that prepared canapes for the Buckingham Palace reception

28  -  William’s age

29  -  Kate’s age – oldest non divorced bride to marry into royal family

80  -  tiaras Kate had to choose from to wear today

187  -  groomed horses that marched in the procession leading to Buckingham Palace

300  -  guests invited to the dinner hosted by Prince Charles

650  -  guests invited to the Buckingham Palace lunch reception hosted by the Queen    

1,300  -  armed forces personnel who played a part in the wedding

1,700  -  Rich tea biscuits used to create Prince William’s specially requested chocolate “groom’s cake”

1,900  -  guests attended Westminster Abbey service

5,000  -  security personnel on site today

8,000  -  security cameras used

10,000  -  flowers that decorated Buckingham palace and Westminster Abbey

$398,000  -  value of Kate’s engagement ring

600,000  -  spectators who lined the procession streets from Westminster Abbey to  Buckingham Palace

1,100,000  -  tourists visiting London just for the wedding

$34,000,000  -  cost of the big day

50,000,000  GBP  -  revenue consumers spent on parapheranalia and favors

2,000,000,000  -  viewers who tuned in to the wedding


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