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Congrats to Michael Pusateri.  He has been nominated for the Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay in School scholarship.  We are proud of you Michael!  GREAT JOB!

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I would like to nominate Michael Pusateri to be considered for the Fulton Homes scholarship program. Michael was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when he was 9 years old. Tourettes is a very complicated disorder that does not affect two people in the same way. For Michael, he has motor and vocal tics that go through a cycle. Ever present however, is the accompanying disorder of Attention Deficit Disorder. One thing that makes treating children with Tourettes so complicated is that it is very difficult to find the correct balance with medical options. We can’t treat Michael’s ADHD symptoms, because those medications cause a significant increase in his tics. If we choose to treat his tics, the medications he has tried either make him very sleepy or change his personality. Michael has chosen not to take any medication at all and would rather “feel like himself” and deal with people making comments to him about his tics. Despite being gifted, school has been a struggle for Michael due to the Tourettes. He tries to mask or “fight” the tics at school so as not to cause a disruption or call attention to himself. He has fought hard to find the balance balance between trying to control his tics and paying attention and partipating to the best of his ability. Despite his adversity, he has consistently met or exceeded all areas in AIMS testing and actually scored in the 99th percentile! Michael’s 8th grade class recently took a career aptitude test and the careers indicated that would best suit him are in the sciences. He has talked about becoming a physicist or a doctor. It has been a long road for him to be excited about school and his future, and he looks forward to high school and college so he can learn in depth about physics and biology. I know he will make a great contribution with his life.

Gretchen Gorr
Speech Language Pathologist
Preschool Evaluation Team
Cholla Complex


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