gas prices on their way up The $100 Club   Are YOU A Member?

Believe me…this is a club to which you DON’T want to belong.  With the national average gas price at $3.80/gallon, there are now FOUR cars that will cost more than $100 to fill up!  Do you have one of these?  Maybe you’re thinking of buying one of these.

(Courtesy of Jerry EdgertonCBS Market Watch)

Here’s a list of vehicles already hitting $100 a tank:

gastable now 170634 The $100 Club   Are YOU A Member?

The federal Energy Information Administration is predicting that gas will average $3.86 a gallon nationally through the summer months of heavy driving. (Pump prices already top $4.00 in California, Illinois and a few other states, and are near $4.50 in Hawaii). But as we have seen recently, new troubles in the Middle East or another unforeseen event could drive gas prices even higher.

So what if gas prices hit, say, $4.50 a gallon? Smaller SUVs and big sedans, like the Audi A8 (at top) would hit the $100 mark.

gastable 450 171221 The $100 Club   Are YOU A Member?

And at $5.00 a gallon? Expect the pain to extend to sedans and minivans.

gastable 5 171409 The $100 Club   Are YOU A Member?

These calculations are, of course, all about the size of gas tanks. So we looked at some of the top-selling cars whose tanks were smaller than 20 gallons to see how high gas would have to go to for them to hit the $100 fill-up ($7.87 a gallon for the Honda Civic sedan pictured at right, for instance). If you own that Civic, these numbers might be mildly reassuring.

gastable popular2 171523 The $100 Club   Are YOU A Member?
  1. Liz says:

    Not yet, but it’s too close for my liking! UGH!!! 😐

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