11 04 27 empire carpet Empire Carpet Pitch Man Dies At 89

You’ve seen his commercials hundreds of times. Empire Carpet spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren — the most famous carpet spokesperson of all time — has died at age 89.  You may know Elmer from decades of Empire commercials … you know, the ones that feature that super-catchy jingle … 800-588-2300 … EMPIRE (today!).
Elmer — a decorated WW2 vet — became the company spokesperson back in the ’70s … and appeared in a ton of ads.  In recent years, the company switched to an animated version of Elmer — but the spots still feature Elmer’s voice.

Heck of a run Mr Hauldren!

  1. Liz says:

    WOW!!! So Sad! 😦 I’ve been hearing his voice since I was a kid.

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