Empire Carpet Pitch Man Dies At 89

11 04 27 empire carpet Empire Carpet Pitch Man Dies At 89

You’ve seen his commercials hundreds of times. Empire Carpet spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren — the most famous carpet spokesperson of all time — has died at age 89.  You may know Elmer from decades of Empire commercials … you know, the ones that feature that super-catchy jingle … 800-588-2300 … EMPIRE (today!).
Elmer — a decorated WW2 vet — became the company spokesperson back in the ’70s … and appeared in a ton of ads.  In recent years, the company switched to an animated version of Elmer — but the spots still feature Elmer’s voice.

Heck of a run Mr Hauldren!


One Comment

  1. Liz says:

    WOW!!! So Sad! 😦 I’ve been hearing his voice since I was a kid.

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