Easter Is SWEET

happy easter Easter Is SWEET

If you’re like Tom and me, it’s hard to imagine Easter without marshmallow treats, bunny-shaped sweets and cream-filled eggs. Did you know Easter is the second-biggest time of year for candy sales? (Which holiday is No. 1?)

choco bunny Easter Is SWEETCHOCOLATE BUNNY
Arguably the most-recognizable of all Easter treats is the ubiquitous chocolate bunny is always a huge seller.
peeps Easter Is SWEETPEEPS
The animal-shaped confections  have become an Easter staple since this company began making them in the 1950s.
jellybeans Easter Is SWEETJELLY BEANS
Loved by presidents and kids alike, the tiny candies are one of the biggest Easter sellers.
choco eggs Easter Is SWEETCHOCOLATE EGGS
These solid chocolate (or peanut-butter-filled) must-have treats have been around since the 19th century.
This cream-filled concoction (what’s in it?) was introduced in 1971 in the United Kingdom.
mm Easter Is SWEETEASTER M & M’s
The best-selling candy in the United States rolls out its pastel version of the chocolate goodies for Easter.


The peppermint candy – known for its collectible dispensers – began as a breath mint in Vienna, Austria.
robin eggs Easter Is SWEETROBIN EGGS
The everyday malted milk ball becomes an Easter favorite with a colored candy coating and a new shape.
BTW-The number one holiday for candy sellers…HALLOWEEN! 

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