penguin being tickled1 Did Ya Know Penguins Can Laugh?

Penguin Being Tickled

If you’ve ever wondered what a penguin’s laugh sounds like, you’re in luck:  There’s a penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo named Cookie, and a video of him making crazy noises while he’s being tickled is racking up a ton of views on YouTube.

The tickling starts at 1:04

We played the audio of the penguin on the air this morning before telling them what it was and invited them to take a guess.  Here’s what they thought…

Comments (6)
  1. Joe says:

    Don’t ever play that on the radio again….it just freaked the dog out ! 🙂

    1. Maria Knight says:

      hehehehe! Tell your dog sorry!

  2. Maria says:

    That was SO cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liz says:

    We were cracking up on the way to school when you played this. Makes me want to go to back to Cincinnati to visit! 🙂

  4. Shannon D says:

    I cant stop watching it! Ive shown eveyone.

  5. jacqueline tull says:

    this makes me happy

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