taxes The 5 Most Ridiculous (Attempted) Tax Deductions

The forecast calls for a lot of rain this weekend.  It’s not supposed to get out of the 50s on Saturday.  PERFECT time to get those taxes done!  Have you figured out your deductions yet?  I paid unthinkable amounts of money to the government every year until I learned how to maximize deductions!  Here are the five most ridiculous “attemtped” deductions.  Uncle Sam WASN’T amused.

(Courtesy of CNN Money)

Hookers: A lawyer in New York tried to deduct the $66,000 he spent on prostitutes as a medical expense, along with the $5,000 he spent on pornography and sex therapy books. Obviously, if you pay for something that’s ILLEGAL, you can’t deduct it.  And he couldn’t deduct the money he spent on the books either, because a court ruled they were for his, quote, “general welfare”, and not prescribed by a doctor.

Candy and flowers for secretaries: A public defender in Santa Clara, California tried to deduct it on his taxes, but the IRS decided it was a personal expense that wasn’t necessary for his business.

Buffalo Meat: A professional bodybuilder in Wisconsin tried to deduct it, saying it has more protein than other meats.  But a court decided that since plenty of normal people eat buffalo meat too, it wasn’t deductable.  But, the guy DID manage to deduct tanning products and “posing oil”, which is the stuff bodybuilders rub all over themselves so they look shiny.

Aquarium: A guy in Rock Hill, South Carolina tried to deduct an eleven hundred dollar, 75-gallon saltwater aquarium, which would have been fine if he was in the exotic fish business. The problem was, he was a stockbroker.

Underwear: One of the guys in [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rod Stewart[/lastfm]’s band once tried to deduct leather pants, hats, a vest, and silk boxers because he wore them on stage.

  1. Julie Hallgren says:

    I listen to kool all the time.
    Some people will try anything, I feel like if these people wanted this stuff so bad well thats at their expence and shouldn’t try to get the gov. to pay for it.

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