Dire Straits Performing "Expresso Love" (From the Video)

Dire Straits Performing "Expresso Love" (from the video)

Did you know that when searching a major image provider’s database for the term ‘Dire Straits,’ that the first results are images of President Obama? Take that for whatever political commentary you will, but it seems worth pointing out. And if it is later announced that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dire Straits[/lastfm] ever joins forces with Obama as frontman, we would like credit for first breaking the news.

Now on to today’s video, “Expresso Love.”

The song “Expresso Love” first appeared on Dire Straits’ third studio album, 1980’s Making Movies. It also spawned numerous coffee shops named Espresso Love, each one no doubt feeling very original and clever.

Interestingly enough, Making Movies has no title track. While one was recorded, it was never officially released, though it has been known to surface in bootleg form from time to time. The album itself was well-received in the U.S. and sold very well in Europe, positioning the band nicely to be one of the groups that helped define the “’80s sound.”

The most-obvious aspect of “Expresso Love” that leaps to mind (at least for a copy editor) is the title. Spelled ‘expresso’ rather than ‘espresso’, it seems as if it might be a play on words. The lyrics for the most part sing the praises of a woman whom the singer greatly admires for many qualities, but one with whom he seems to fear he might might not be able to cultivate a lasting love. “Is this just expresso love?”, he asks, repeatedly, implying the relationship may be fleeting. To muddy the issue, somewhat, however, he later proclaims that ‘Expresso love’s all right … don’t want no sugar in it’, bringing back the coffee angle. Speedy? Coffee? Surely Dunkin’ Donuts is missing a licensing opportunity here.

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