April Fool’s Pranks!

01spaghetti harvest April Fools Pranks!
Huge Spaghetti Harvest – 1957!

One of the all time greatest April Fool’s Pranks was in 1957 when the BBC ran a news story about a mild winter in Italy resulted in a larger than usual crop of spaghetti smf ran the above picture around the world. Yes, thousands of people really believed that spaghetti does grow on trees and wanted to purchase a spaghetti tree for their own back yard and enjoy fresh spaghetti.  Here is a “tech” prank you can use at work…

When a co-worker or friend leaves their computer for a moment, go into their Google account to “settings” and change it to a foreign language.  They may try for hours to figure it out!  Besides they should not be on Google during business hours anyway!!  But remember, the secret to a great prank is to NEVER tell who did it…NEVER!


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