Mega Million Dollar Mistake

lottery Mega Million Dollar Mistake
Last Friday, a team of seven IT workers in Albany New York bought their weekly Mega Millions lottery tickets…AND WON. Great news…except for the one guy who usually throws in on the lottery pool every week. Last week he said he wasn’t feeling lucky and decided to save a couple bucks and sit out.
Tom and Maria want to know if you would give the guy a break and give him a share of the jackpot anyway.
Each of the  seven who played will get $16,000,000 after taxes.


One Comment

  1. Debbie says:

    If in fact he didn’t play because he didn’t feel lucky, NO I wouldn’t cut him in. If it was because he couldn’t afford it that week, YES I would give him something, but not an equal share.

    1. Doreen Heller says:

      Totally agree Debbie. Poor guy!! Imagine how he’s feeling! If I were one of the winners, I’d throw some cash his way just on my own. The others could do whatever they felt.

  2. Liz says:


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