A 10-Year-Old and His Seven-Year-Old Sister Save Their Babysitter’s Life

911 call graphic klew A 10 Year Old and His Seven Year Old Sister Save Their Babysitters Life

911 Emergency

Yesterday, police in Darien, Connecticut released a 911 call from January and it’s pretty incredible.

Back on January 26th, 7-year-old Nina Stoop and her brother, 10-year-old Tucker Stoop, were home alone with their babysitter, Nadia Maldonado.  Suddenly, Nadia, the babysitter, stopped breathing.

Nina knew something was wrong so she got her older brother.  And he called 911.

Through the two-minute call it’s clear that he’s scared but he keeps INCREDIBLE composure . . . answers the dispatcher’s questions . . . and even calls him “sir” before he asks if he can call his dad.

The kids were right . . . Nadia was suffering from respiratory distress.  If Tucker hadn’t called 911, doctors say she probably would’ve died.

The police department in Darien is holding a special ceremony tomorrow to give lifesaving awards to Tucker and Nina.

Listen to the 911 call.


One Comment

  1. Liz says:

    The parents of these children should be very proud, because they raised them well. I’m glad that their babysitter is okay.

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