UPDATE: Rod & Stevie Duets

rod stewart stevie nicks1 UPDATE: Rod & Stevie Duets

Good news!  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rod Stewart[/lastfm] & [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Stevie Nicks[/lastfm] FINALLY attempted some duets on their concert tour.  Bad news!  I don’t think they’re picking the right duets to sing.

(Courtesy of Melissa RuggieriAccess Atlanta)

Pairing like-minded or audience-sharing acts on the same bill isn’t a novelty – half of the summer shed tours are stocked with ’70s and ’80s throwbacks who fit that description.

But they rarely share a stage.

The gimmick here was to see how well these two rock vets would gel and, as about 15,000 audience members learned…not too well.

Nicks returned to the stage – in black leggings instead of a dress! – and Stewart mentioned that the two songs they would sing were her choices.

“Passion” immediately sounded like a mistake (why, Stevie, why?) with raspy, half-sung lyrics, but “Young Turks,” while spirited, was the bigger train wreck.

Neither seemed completely sure who was handling which lines and watching Nicks awkwardly stand still as Stewart engaged in his usual frisky-lad skittering around the stage made you want to give her a hug. At least Stewart’s backup singers finally rescued Nicks, coming over to sing and engage her in some simple choreography.

I hate to read that!  But, maybe they’ll have this whole thing figured out by April 15th when the “Heart  & Soul” tour hits US Airways Center.  What songs would YOU like to hear Rod & Stevie duet?  Leave a comment below!


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