Fastest Neon In The North

thats one super dodge neon Fastest Neon In The North

Speeding ticket: $2137
New tires: $274
Having a Neon that can actually reach 139 mph: PRICELESS!

A man in Quebec was busted for speeding.  He hit 139mph in a Neon.  I owned a Camaro and never had that thing up to 139!  Is this really a Neon…or Knight Rider?

(Courtesy of CBC News)

A driver in Saguenay, Que. is facing more than $3,600 in fines after being caught driving more than 140 kilometres an hour over the speed limit.

Police caught the 23-year-old late Wednesday night driving 233 km/h in a 90 km/h zone in a Dodge SX 2.0.

Police had set up a speed trap in the Laterrière neighbourhood after residents complained about street racing on nearby roads.

The man was fined $2,137 for speeding, $274 for having worn out tires, and another $1,267 for endangering the life of his passenger.

He received 40 demerit points, and could also lose his licence for the next two years.

The driver was caught on Talbot Boulevard in the Laterrière neighbourhood in the south end of Saguenay.

He was not under the influence of alcohol.


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