jamaica Jamaica Goes KOOL!
That looks like Tom, but where is Maria?

At 5:00 AM Monday morning, Tom & Maria begin broadcasting from the tropical island of Jamaica!  I thought you may like to have a quick overview of our neighbors just south of Cuba…

The name “Jamaica” means “Land of Wood & Water.”  It has beautiful beaches, lush tropical jungle and breath taking waterfalls.  It was claimed for Spain in 1492 by Chrisopher Columbus and later taken over by the English in 1655.  The current population is appx: 2.8 million citizens and known for it’s beautiful beaches and warm hospitaliy.  The motto of Jamaica is “Out of Many People, One People.”  Well, add two more to the list with the KOOL invasion of Tom & Maria. One of the most well known stars from Jamaica would have to be Reggae artist Bob Marley.  Other music styles include; ska, mento, rocksteady, dancehall and reggaedub.  Who knows, Tom may even come back with dreadlocks and Maria may just stay there for a year or two.  Either way, we can all join in the tropical vacation starting Monday morning on 94.5 KOOL-FM…mon!


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