tv money TVs Biggest Moneymakers

Do you watch the most lucrative shows on television?  Judging by Forbes’ list of the TV’s Biggest Moneymakers, I watch only 2 of the top 10.  Makes sense.  I’ve never been part of the mainstream!  Suprised?  Didn’t think so.

(Courtesy of Dorothy Pomerantz Forbes)

  1. “American Idol” – Fox ($7.1 million)
  2. “Two and a Half Men” – CBS ($2.9 million)
  3. “Desperate Housewives” – ABC ($2.74 million)
  4. “Grey’s Anatomy” – ABC ($2.67 million)
  5. “Dancing with the Stars” – ABC ($2.67 million)
  6. “Lost” - ABC ($2.6 million)
  7. “The Big Bang Theory” – CBS ($2.5 million)
  8. “24” – Fox ($2.45 million)
  9. “Private Practice” – ABC ($2.3 million)
  10. “Mike and Molly” – CBS ($2.1 million)

 * This is how much the networks made per half hour in 2010.

My first question: How quickly will “Two And A Half Men” fall from this list?  Without crazy Charlie Sheen, it’s barely a show.

My second question: Was “24” still on the air last year?  I thought that was gone a long time ago!

Oh, have you figured out which two I watch?  That’s my third and final question.

Comments (2)
  1. Liz says:

    Somehow I doubt the two shows I watch are the same two you watch. 🙂

    1. Me thinks you’re right. But hey, we both watch two. GMTA…

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