march madness Sports Fans...How Much Do You Know About March Madness?

March Madness

It’s the opening weekend of the annual men’s NCAA tournament.  But, just how much do you know about the big college hoops tournament?

Quiz:  March Madness!  (Scroll down for answers)

1. The NCAA tournament was expanded this year. How many more teams are playing: two, three or four?
2. Besides being known as March Madness, what other name does the NCAA use as a registered trademark for its postseason basketball tournament: Big Dance, Big Show or Survivor: Basketball Edition?

3. True or false: Barack Obama holds the distinction of being the first sitting President to attend a NCAA tournament game?

4. Which team is riding a nine-game winning streak into the tournament: Butler, Memphis or Richmond?
5. For the second straight year, this team enters the tournament with the #1 strength of schedule in the country: Arizona, Wisconsin or Georgetown?

6. True or false: the states of Oklahoma, Minnesota and New Mexico have no representation at this year’s NCAA tournament?

7. UCLA owns the longest winning streak in tournament history. How many games in a row did they win between 1964 and 1974?
BONUS: Who snapped their winning streak in the 1974 national semifinals?

8. What city is home of the 2011 Final Four: Atlanta, Houston or New Orleans?

9. True or false: the state of Colorado has no representation at this year’s tournament?

10. Which one of these teams do not have a pair of twins on its roster: BYU, Duke or Kansas?

11. Which two states share the record for placing seven teams in the tournament in a single year: New York and Illinois, California and Texas, or Indiana and Kentucky?

12. True or false: no team has ever won both major postseason tournaments, the NCAA and NIT, in the same year?

13. What is the only conference that issues its automatic NCAA berth to its regular-season champion because it doesn’t hold a conference tournament: Big Ten, Pac 10 or Ivy League?

14. Which of these battle-tested teams won an amazing five games in five days in its conference tournament: Indiana State, Clemson or Connecticut?

15. True or false: Alabama State comes into the tournament with the worst record of all the teams on the bracket?

1. (ANSWER: Three, for a total of 68 teams)

2. (ANSWER: Big Dance)

3. (ANSWER: False, President Bill Clinton was the first to do it in 1994)

4. (ANSWER: Butler)

5. (ANSWER: Georgetown)

6. (ANSWER: True)

7. (ANSWER: 38 games)

BONUS: Who snapped their winning streak in the 1974 national semifinals?
(ANSWER: North Carolina State)

8. (ANSWER: Houston, who will host the Final Four again in 2016)

9. (ANSWER: False, Northern Colorado is the lone team on the bracket)


11. (ANSWER: California and Texas, with seven each. California did it in 2002 year and Texas did it last year)

12. (ANSWER: False, City College of New York did it in 1950)

13. (ANSWER: Ivy League)

14. (ANSWER: Connecticut)

15. (ANSWER: True, they are 17-17)


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