gary busey is in your car Gary Busey In YOUR Car?!?

Gary Busey took some time out of taping Celebrity Apprentice to record…wait for it…GPS navigation!  I’m not sure this is wise.  Does ANYONE need to be taking directions from Gary freakin’ Busey???  Although, I must say, Charlie Sheen makes Gary look tame!

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  1. Liz says:

    The first part of that was a scream (the roadkill)! Maybe not the best pick, but he is quite amusing on Celebrity Apprentice.

    1. He’s definitely a character. Though, he’s NOT getting in my car!

      1. David Davenport says:

        And to think, this guy played Buddy Holly. Sad state of affairs.

      2. I know he had a bad head-on collision in the 80’s. I have to believe that has SOMETHING to do with his “eccentricities!”

        Thanks for bein’ KOOL, David 🙂

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