March Madness Pools are Only the Second-Most Popular Type of Office Pool

march madness March Madness Pools are Only the Second Most Popular Type of Office Pool

March Madness

The NCAA tournament starts on Thursday, so if your office is going to be doing a March Madness pool . . . and you’re cool enough to be included . . . the brackets are probably circulating.

 A staffing company called Spherion just released the results of a nationwide survey of workers to find out which types of office gambling are the most popular.  And even though March Madness gets the most press . . . it only came in SECOND.

–Turns out Super Bowl office pools are actually more common.  63% of the people who’ve participated in an office pool say it was related to the Super Bowl, versus 55% who’ve done one for the NCAA tournament.

–Pooling money together for lottery tickets was the third-most popular type of office gambling.

 –It’s followed by fantasy football . . . World Series pools . . . baby-related pools . . . Kentucky Derby pools . . . award show pools . . . Stanley Cup pools . . . and finally, reality TV show pools.

 –Overall, 46% of people said they’d participated in a pool.

 –Of the group that had never participated, the majority said it’s because they’ve never been invited.  13% didn’t do it because they felt it was violating company policy . . . and 4% didn’t do it because of religious reasons.


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