The Beach Boys Giving You Something To SMILE About

beachboys The Beach Boys Giving You Something To SMILE About

Fans of the Beach Boys just may have something to “smile” about. reports that Capitol Records will release the original recordings for “Smile” after decades in the vaults.  “Smile” is The Beach Boys’ incomplete but much-bootlegged follow-up to 1966’s “Pet Sounds.” Songwriter Brian Wilson’s mental health at the time of “Smile’s” recording has been cited as the reason for the project’s stall-out.  No release date is set for “Smile,” but Capitol Records has said that the album will arrive as a double-CD and a collectors’ box set with bonus material.  Also to be included in the upcoming release are outtakes and alternative recordings from the “Smile” sessions.

It was in 2004 that Wilson released his own version of “Smile.”  Wilson’s project featured new recordings of the material intended for the 1967 album.  However, none of the 1960s-era sessions were used on the release.


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