Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame In Cleveland Thanks To One Man!

alan freed1 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame In Cleveland Thanks To One Man!

DJ Alan Freed (on right)

In the early 1950’s, Cleveland disc-jockey, Alan Freed noticed many teenagers hanging out at a popular record store listening to Rhythm & Blues music with a Hot, new beat. He began to play this emerging music on his evening radio show and presented himself as “The Moondog!” He took a line from an R&B song and used that phrase as the perfect description to this exciting style of music as…

You guessed it…”Rock & Roll.”    Both, he and the music, went on to exceed all comments as being  just  a passing fad.  Alan went on to New York City at WINS and then to WABC radio.  He presented the very first “live” Rock Concerts and the early Rock & Roll motion pictures starring R & R recording artists.  You could say they were the earliest Rock Videos.  The “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” was selected to be built in Cleveland, Ohio in part, because it was Alan Freed who got it all going as the birth place of what we call  ”Rock & Roll” music!  Today, another round of inductees will join the many stars who are already there to sing like Chuck Berry would sing ”Hail, Hail Rock & Roll.” 

As a personal side note, in the late 1970’s I owned a large dance niteclub outside of Cleveland, Ohio and was exploring the concept of a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame which was not in process at that time .  I presented the idea to a friend who just happened to own the local Budweiser distributorship. Several years later, as fate would have it, he was named as the chairman of the group to help bring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to Cleveland.  It’s often strange how things unfold; but, the great news is that it did become a reality and was built  in Cleveland, Ohio! Yes, that is a true story.


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