daddylove1 115 The Five Best and Worst Professions to Look for in a Future Husband

Future Husband For You?

Ladies, if you’re single and you’re hoping to find Mr. Right this weekend, the website The Stir has a list of the best and worst professions to look for in a future husband.

We’ll start with the BEST professions to look for in a husband:

#1.)  An Engineer.  He’ll get paid well, and won’t have to work as many hours as a doctor or a lawyer.  And engineers are usually in pretty high demand.

#2.)  A Teacher.  He won’t make much money, but he’ll be good with kids, have decent hours, and get summers off.

#3.)  A College Professor.  He’ll come with basically the same perks as a teacher, but with more money and usually more brains.

#4.)  A Firefighter.  Apparently the woman who wrote the article has a THING for firefighters.  But with that said, a lot of firefighters make very decent money and get to retire early with a good pension. 

#5.)  A Plumber.  According to, plumbers make between twenty and thirty dollars an hour.  Plus, they can fix basically anything around the house.

–Now, here are the WORST professions to look for in a future spouse:

#1.)  An Accountant.  They work long hours, can’t take time off during certain months of the year, and there’s a solid chance he’ll end up hating his job . . . or already does.

#2.)  A Psychiatrist.  They tend to psychoanalyze EVERYONE, including their spouses and their kids.  So every single day of your life will feel like therapy.

#3.)  A Surgeon.  Because of malpractice insurance and student loans, they don’t make as much as you think they do.  And they’re constantly on call.

#4.)  A Lawyer.  The money is good, but lawyers are constantly working, and they’re constantly stressed out . . . which will eventually make YOU stressed out.

 #5.)  A Professional Athlete.  Again, the money is good . . . but if you’ve paid attention to any pro athlete scandal EVER, you know that he’ll almost definitely cheat on you.


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