bekoolstayinschool header Be KOOL Stay In SchoolOur Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School kid wants  to be the first in HIS family to got o college.

Good Morning,

My name is Gina Ortega and I would like to nominate my grandson, Joseph Beloit.  Joseph is a 7th grade student at Desert Thunder School in Goodyear, AZ.  Joseph has one brother, 6yrs old, and one sister, 14 months old.  My daughter is currently going through a nasty divorce.  Joseph’s dad was never around for him even when his parents were married.  He was an over the road truck driver and then joined the army reserves.  He was deployed and barely came home in July of this year.  Joseph has almost always been the man figure in his home and has learned responsibilities early in his life.  He does very well in school getting mostly A’s with a couple of B’s.  He talks about wanting to be the first in the family to go to college.  He has taken over the role of dad and protector for his brother and sister.  Being the oldest child in the family is not easy.  It’s always Joe do this and Joe do that but he doesn’t mind and gets things done.  He is a good kid and deserves nothing but the best.  I hope you will consider my grandson.  With everything he has gone through in his 12 years he is a leveled headed boy with big dreams.  I hope you can make them come true.  Thank you.


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