Have YOU Seen A Ghost?

ghost Have YOU Seen A Ghost?
The world is getting more haunted!  Back in the 50’s, only 7% of people said they’d ever had an encounter with a ghost.  Today, 25% of the people say they have seen ghost.

A professor in England thinks the rise to 25% might be because of more paranormal and supernatural themes in TV shows and movies…more ghost stories make more people believe in ghosts.

KOOL Listeners have seen a few ghosts too!


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  1. Annie says:

    Dear Dave,
    I accept that you are a non-believer, however, I must tell you about my brother-in-law who has 2 Bachelor’s degrees in Math, a Bachelor’s in Science & is working on his PhD in Quantium Physics,(& a Mensa member) while not believein in God (defined as a Supreme Beign), believes in all of the “unexplained” and ghosts. He says that all things are energy, & energy leaves a signature or imprint. Ghosts or “Spirits” as I prefer to call them are very real. Just because you cannot see AIR doesn not mean that it isn’t real. Have a great day while you ponder this. I hope that you mind will open just a little to let the light into the crack. Faith is a powerful thing!

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