#WINNING On Twitter

charlie sheen and his goddess #WINNING On Twitter

5 years ago, the phrase “do you Tweet” was just an opening line for birds at singles bars.  Now, it’s a legitimate conversation starter!  Twitter is everywhere.  KOOL Tweets (@KOOLradio).  I’m having fun Tweeting as well (@JTMonKOOL).  But, the newest member of the Twitterverse…is Charlie Sheen.  You won’t believe just how many followers he picked up in his first day on Twitter.

(Courtesy of USA Today)

Charlie Sheen reached 1 million followers in one day on Twitter.

The actual figure, confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records today: It took Sheen 25 hours and 17 minutes, between March 1 and 2, to reach 1 million followers.

And how, exactly, did he do it? With help from a team of experts at Ad.ly, a small Beverly Hills start-up that focuses on celebrity endorsements via Facebook and Twitter, reports Forbes. Ad.ly secured Charlie’s verified account. And then the Ad.ly team spent a couple of hours on the phone with Sheen and a friend explaining the tools of Twitter: hashtags, bit.ly, twitpic, and how to use Twitter to build an audience and keep them engaged.

Now, Sheen is thanking fans “in all sincerity” for the “warm reception.”

He tells TMZ he hopes to monetize the gig, saying it’s “a cash cow.” After all, he’s out of a job.

While his tweets are “organic” now, Ad.ly CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh says, “It’s inevitable that brands will be lining up to work with him. That time will come sooner rather than later.”

Oh, before you ask…YES.  I am following Charlie.


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