A Judge Decides That If Your Terrible Golf Shot Injures Someone, You Aren’t Liable

tiger woods golf A Judge Decides That If Your Terrible Golf Shot Injures Someone, You Arent Liable

Bad Shot

It’s a great day for everyone who golfs . . . but has no right to be anywhere near a golf course.  If your TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE GOLF GAME injures someone, it’s not really your fault.

–Back on August 25th of 2005, a man named Ray Kinney of Naperville, Illinois was playing golf.  On the 17th hole, he BRUTALLY SHANKED his tee shot . . . it went off the course . . . and hit a woman on the head.

–That woman lived in a house next to the course in Chicago, and was doing some gardening when the ball hit her.

–In 2007, she SUED Kinney for $50,000 in damages.  She says his shank caused her severe and permanent injuries.

–The suit said he was negligent because, quote, “he failed to properly aim his golf shot, failed to properly execute the swing of his club, and failed to warn of his errant shot.”  Kinney disagreed on that last count . . . he says he yelled “FORE.”

–But . . . on Friday, a circuit court judge DISMISSED the suit.  He ruled that a golfer isn’t liable because he can’t control the ball once he’s done swinging . . . and, quote, “people who live on golf courses have to assume risk.”

 –Kinney says the incident hasn’t stopped him from golfing . . . nor has his apparent lack of skill.  He says the day the suit was dismissed he played golf . . . on a course with no nearby houses.


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  1. Liz says:

    As unfair as it may be to the victim, anyone viewing, playing, or standing anywhere near a golf course has to be very aware and careful. Depending on the setup of the golf course or HOA rules, she would have had a better shot to win a claim against one of those facilities. This story brings to mind seeing a very snobby country club high school girl who came to school on Monday with a huge welt on her face from such an accident. Thanks for making me smile, Tom!!!

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