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Congratulations to Bobby Canfield!  Bobby is our Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay in School winner this week.  Bobby will receive a backpack full of prizes and be in the running for one of three $4000 college scholarships. 
We are proud of you Bobby Canfield!

I would like to nominate my son Bobby Canfield to receive one of the $4,000 scholarships you are giving away. My son is in 7th grade at Stapely Junior High and he has been receiving straight A’s since he was in fourth grade when students started receiving letter grades. He is on the Honor Roll at Stapely and is in accelerated classes and was also in the gifted program when he was in elementary school. Bobby is an amazing person! He has been through so much in his life already more than any child or adult should have to go through. Bobby has gone through two fires in our home in the last three years and in the last fire which was June of 2010 we lost our entire house and lived in a hotel for 6 months. We just moved into our new house 1 month ago. Bobby has also been through his dad being laid off a number of jobs and almost losing our home because we couldn’t make our payments. Through all of this Bobby has continued to get straight A’s and continues to love school and learning. I do not what else to say but that he is an outstanding young man. He has perfect attendance a number of times since he started school and the other years he only has missed one or two days due to illness.
It is not just Bobby’s grades that makes him such an amazing person but his behavior in school has been outstanding. All of his teachers since kindergarten have said he is a pleasure to have in class and has excellent behavior. They have said he is respectful toward his peers and caring. He has always been respectful to his teachers.
We had Bobby a college fund started but we had to cash it in when his dad was laid off for 9 months  and then again for 3 months to pay our bills. This made his dad and I very sad but we had no choice or we would have lost our home.
I truly believe in my heart Bobby deserves this scholarship because he has been through so very much for only being in 7th grade and has maintained his grades and behavior in school. He loves learning so much, he loves reading and science. Bobby is active in the youth group at our church and volunteers to help feed people at the Methodist Shelter in Phoenix. I love him with all my heart and a scholarship would really help with his college education. Bobby hopes one day to become an aerospace engineer and also is considering becoming a physicist. Whatever he decides as his career I know he will be outstanding in it.
Thank you so much for considering my son for this scholarship. 
Rita Leaf (mom)


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  1. Liz says:

    You all are fabulous for supporting causes like this! Thank you for the great music this morning (U2 is playing right now)!!! I especially needed it today as I am losing my voice and cannot call in my request later. I think it’s from all the cheering and screaming from laughter at the Renaissance Festival on Monday. But it won’t stop me from spending the last couple days out and about with my Mom, so we’ll keep listening in the car later. 🙂

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