viewmaster alt ALL TIME 100 Greatest Toys

TIME has compiled a list of the ALL-TIME 100 greatest toys…everything from the View Finder to Zhu-Zhu pets.










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  1. Liz says:

    LOVE IT!!! I don’t see Holly Hobby on the list, Maria. Aren’t you around the same age as me? I just wish I had saved the cool orange flexible Hot Wheels tracks for my son. I found some longer black ones once, but definitely not the same. I suppose it’s just as well as my living room (which looks like Legoland) could not hold anymore toys.

    1. Maria Knight says:

      My grandmother had the orange tracks at her house when I was growing up…that way my brothers and I had something to play with while we were there visiting. I agree, I wish they still made the orange tracks. You would have to rig them up on chairs and tables to get the whole gravity effect. Great Memories.

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