New QB Not Up To Larry

larry fitzgerald and ken whisenhunt New QB Not Up To Larry

If you’re looking for work,  there’s happens to be a position open with the Arizona Cardinals.  Wanna be quarterback?  Great!  Just know that buttering up Larry Fitzgerald will do you NO good.

(Courtesy of Kent SomersArizona Republic)

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and receiver Larry Fitzgerald have discussed the team’s options at quarterback for 2011, the coach said Sunday morning, but the discussion was part of Whisenhunt’s normal relationship with players.

“You’re very aware that we have an open-door policy,” Whisenhunt said. “We solicit input from players on a lot of things, game plans, plays, travel to the East Coast. Things in training camp. When I was interviewed (in 2007), they had players who were a portion of the interviews.

“Larry and I talked about a number of things. I’ve talked to other players as well.”

The timing of these discussions are particularly interesting, however. The Cardinalsmag glass 10x10 New QB Not Up To Larry are looking to upgrade the quarterback position at the same time they are trying to re-sign Fitzgerald, who has one year left on his contract. Those two objectives are tied closely together.

The Cardinals will bolster their chances to re-sign Fitzgerald if they find a quarterback he likes.

ESPN reported Sunday morning that the Cardinals had solicited Fitzgerald’s opinions about the position and that the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb was Fitzgerald’s top recommendation.

“Larry is obviously not making the decisions,” Whisenhunt said. “There’s a lot of things that guys want that they don’t necessarily get. That’s why I have individual meetings with them to get their ideas.

“It would make sense to at least talk to some of your players.”


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  1. Elizabeth Mueller says:

    The Cardinals need to do whatever is necessary to keep my favorite player, Larry Fitzgerald, or else I’m only going to watch the Chicago Bears (and we all know how disappointing they were this year). It might help if they draft Cam Newton, Heisman Trophy Winner, from the new National Champions, Auburn. He’s quite a fabulous quarterback!!!

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