this wasnt one of my favorites Jeffrey Ts Favorite Commercials

This WASN'T one of my faves.

Everyone is talking about the doggies today!  As Tom & Maria told you this morning, the Bud Light and Doritos commercials featuring pooches were the highest rated during the Super Bowl.  Frankly, I think they took the easy way out.  Everyone loves dogs.  Come on…take a risk!  While I thought this year’s batch were subpar overall, there were FOUR I thought stood out.  Only ONE of them showed up in the “Top 5.”

#4) Go Daddy Dot Co – Joan Rivers

Ok, there wasn’t anything really exciting about this one.  But, I LOVE Joan Rivers.  She doesn’t take crap from ANYONE.  Of course, that’s NOT her body.  But, who cares???

#3) Snickers – Richard Lewis & Roseanne Barr

While I DO enjoy Richard Lewis‘ humor, I must confess.  The first time I laughed out loud during yesterday’s game was when Roseanne got whacked by the log!

#2) Volkswagon – Darth Vader

This is the one where I agree with America.  That litrle kid dressed up as Darth Vadar is cute!  But, this was NOT my absolute favorite commercial.  That would be…

#1) Groupon – Timothy Hutton

According to that USA Today poll, this was #41 out of 61.  For me, it’s TOPS!  I was so ready to hate this, too.  It starts out a sanctimonious, preachy commercial about Tibet.  (HATE THOSE!)  Then, halfway through, it makes a 180.  This one caught me by surprise, and is my FAVORITE commercial from the Super Bowl!

But wait…there’s more!  While those were my four fave commercials, it was NOT my favorite piece.  That honor goes to a Fox promo for House - one of my favorite shows on TV!)

Somewhere, Mean Joe Greene is drinking some of his lifetime supply of Coke and laughing his butt off.

Comments (4)
  1. Jeanne says:

    My favorite was the McDonald’s commercial with the Bears and the report card

  2. Gary Dash says:

    The VW and Bridgestone tire (with the beaver) were my favorites. I was glad I wasn’t eating or drinking when Joan Rivers showed up….ICK!!!

    1. Awww Gary…respect the Joan!

  3. Brady says:

    I liked the Coke spot with the two border crossing gaurds.

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