50 ways picture Why Paul Simon Doesnt Play Guitar On His Own Sessions

It’s not that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Paul Simon[/lastfm] is a poor guitar player – far from it.  But even now he rarely plays on his own recordings.  He’s in today’s Top 5 @ 5 with a #1 song. 

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  1. Mary hohulin says:

    Where’d this info come from? He’s always credited on his Lps for playing guitar and every time I see him live he plays as well.
    Paul Simon is a terrific guitarist and one of the most under- rated of his time.

    1. The information came from the interview clip of Paul. I’ve always considered him a good guitarist too, and I also understand how painful calcium buildup can be in playing. Who to believe…….I have to go with the audio statement he made. Appreciate the comment Mary.

      1. Phil says:

        the interview (and calcium deposits) were from the early ’80s IIRC. He’s long been over that.

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