Diane Sawyer

According to a new study, believe it or not, men are still distracted by hot women.  I know.  Groundbreaking stuff right. 

Here’s how that found that little piece of information…
Two researchers at Indiana University wanted to see how an anchorwoman’s looks and clothing style would affect the news.  So they had two groups of men watch two different newscasts, featuring the exact same news and the exact same anchor.

The only difference?  One group saw the anchorwoman in tight-fitting clothes and red lipstick, showing off her curves and some cleavage.  The other group saw her in a shapeless and loose-fitting jacket with no makeup.

Afterward, the men took a quiz on the news.  And the men who had the “attractive” anchor remembered, significantly [less] information than [the men] watching the “less attractive” anchor.

 The researchers ran the same experiment with women and found the opposite was true . . . women remembered MORE of the info from the sexed up version than the sexless version.

We wondered what local anchor KOOL Listeners thought was the “hottest?”

Comments (2)
  1. I’ve taken a LOT of heat for this. But, I have a crush on Patti Kirkpatrick on Channel 3. Naysayers go away!!!

  2. bobby dodd says:

    Kari Lake on channel 10

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