Bears Fans Can Probably Relate To This

chicago bears23 Bears Fans Can Probably Relate To This

Chicago Bears

Here’s a Little Girl Crying Because the Bears Lost to the Packers . . . Even Though She Doesn’t Care About Football, and Her Dad Is a Packers Fan

After the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday, a guy posted a YouTube video of his little daughter Lauren sobbing about it

And according to his YouTube post, she’s never shown any interest in football, and he’s a Packers fan.  So for whatever reason, she just wanted the Bears to win.

The best line is when her dad interrupts her and says, quote, “Maybe the Bears can win next year.” Then the girl says, “No,” and her dad says, “No, you’re probably right.”



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  1. pat rhymes says:

    TOOOOO FUNNY !!!!!

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