“Frampton Comes Alive 35” Tour

peter frampton Frampton Comes Alive 35 Tour

It takes a lot of guts to cut a LIVE album before you even have any charting hits.  But, that’s exactly what [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Peter Frampton[/lastfm] did with “Frampton Comes Alive” back in 1976!  On the 35th anniversary of that release, Peter’s doing the whole thing in its entirety – LIVE in concert!  This will be the first time he’s done that since the 70’s.  WOW!

On his Facebook page, Peter Frampton wrote “Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year. It’s the one time every year when even I have to slow down. Looking forward to European tour in March and the start of ‘The FCA 35 Tour’ starting in the U.S (in) June.”

He also posted a tribute to recently deceased ’70s rockers Gerry Rafferty and Japan bassist Mick Karn, saying, “My condolences to Mick Karn and Gerry Rafferty’s families. I had the pleasure of writing with Mick in the ’80s. Always been a huge fan of Gerry’s music. Their music will always be with us.”

Frampton, who’s never stopped writing, recording, and touring since his ’70s heyday, admitted he’s constantly amazed with whom he’s gotten to make music with over the years: “People like myself that have been doing it for this long, I think it’s because we’re such a fan of everybody else. You never forget the people that really influenced you at the beginning and throughout your career. So from Hank Marvin to Pearl Jam (laughs), y’know, I got to play with all these people. And it’s such an honor to realize that they want to play with me. I’ve been exceedingly lucky. I appreciate the talent I was given. I’ve never phoned it in.”

Frampton kicks off his 2011 dates on March 1st in the UK. His European tour will take in shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Italy.  His band now includes legendary Frampton Comes Alive! bassist Stanley Sheldon, the sole-surviving member of Frampton’s legendary ’70s live ensemble.  North American dates are expected to be announced soon!


One Comment

  1. Renee says:

    Thirty-five? Really? Damn, I’m old…I remember getting this album, yes, album, for Christmas and playing white grooves into the vinyl…

    1. Album…that’s the big, black CD. Right?

  2. Hal Johnson says:

    Frampton Comes Alive! was not Peter Frampton’s debut. He had several solo albums before releasing his live album. Who told you that?

    1. Very true, Hal! It was actually his fifth album. But, it’s interesting that it took a live album for Peter to finally get a hit! Many artists don’t have the guts to release a live album until they have a big hit under their belt.

      Thanks for the comment…and for bein’ KOOL 🙂

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