survivor 22 CBS Has Announced the Cast of Survivor: Redemption Island

Survivor 22

As you already know if you watched last season’s reunion show, there’s a new twist this season:  Redemption Island.  It’ll give the castaways a chance to re-enter the competition after they’ve been voted off.

When the first castaway is voted off, he or she will go to Redemption Island alone.  When a second castaway joins them, they’ll compete in some sort of “duel” to stay.

 –The duels will likely continue . . . until at some point, the person left on Redemption Island will be given the chance to re-enter the game.

–CBS also revealed the cast, which will feature 16 new castaways, and two former “Survivor” stars.  For whatever reason, CBS won’t identify them until later this week . . . but rumor has it, it’ll be “Boston Rob” Mariano and Russell Hantz.

 (–Boston Rob has already done THREE “Survivor” seasons:  Marquesas, All-Stars, and Heroes Vs. Villains.  Russell Hantz has done TWO:  Samoa and Heroes Vs. Villains.  So if you watch “Survivor”, you know who they are.)

 –Among the “nobodies” are two former NFL players:  First there’s Steve Wright, a 51-year-old former offensive lineman who played for the Raiders, the Cowboys and the Colts over 10 seasons, from 1981 to 1993.

 –And then there’s a guy you’ve probably never heard of named Grant Mattos, who barely appeared in a half dozen games with the San Diego Chargers back in 2003.  (–He’s only 29, but is already out of football.  He’s now a YOGA INSTRUCTOR.)

 You can check out all the contestants’ bios . . . complete with photos, videos and their occupations, hobbies and stuff like that, here.


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