propose on drive Thinking About Getting Married? Youd Better Take This 12 Question Compatibility Test First


Thinking about getting married?  Let’s make sure you’re really ready.  A British law firm put together this compatibility test, and they say that if a couple has agreed on the answers to all 12 of these questions, they’re good to go.

#1.)  Do you know the extent of each other’s assets and debts?

 #2.)  Do you see eye-to-eye on saving money and how you’ll share or not share the money you each earn?

 #3.)  What sort of relationship do you want with both of your extended families?

 #4.)  Do you want children, and how many?

 #5.)  Do you want your children to attend private or public schools?

 #6.)  Do you agree on what religion you will bring up the children, and how much of a role religion will play in your lives?

 #7.)  Do you share common interests and like doing the same things on vacation?

 #8.)  What kind of lifestyle are you aiming for, and where do you want to live down the road?

 #9.)  Do you have any addictions your partner doesn’t know about?

 #10.)  Are your career paths compatible with each other . . . and compatible with having children?

 #11.)  Do you want the “traditional” gender roles with a woman at home and a man working and making the money, or more “modern” shared responsibilities?

 #12.)  Are there any exes you’re still hung up on?

 –Again, if you’ve revealed all of the secrets from this quiz, like debts, exes, and addictions . . . and you agree on the other points, like children, religion, careers, and money . . . then you should be all set as a couple.


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