bobby 1969 385x270 Bobby Sherman Then And NowTomorrow on my Saturday show The 70’s With Steve Goddard, I’ll be featuring artists who never had a #1 hit.  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Bobby Sherman[/lastfm] had 7 top 30 songs, but none that topped the charts.  No complaints from him.  He’s still one of the nicest guys around and does a lot of charitable work.  Bobby talks about how he became involved with the American Cancer Society.

in uniform 2009 385x280 Bobby Sherman Then And Now

As his musical and acting career began to fade, Bobby Sherman became a celebrity volunteer for the Los Angeles Police, with CPR and other life saving skills. Sherman saved many lives. And later, Sherman became a deputy sheriff with the San Bernardino County Sheriff. Sherman was always a very decent man, and his humanitarian efforts have been given many awards.

Sherman loved Disneyland’s Main Street so much that he built a 1/5 scale model of the famous fictitious avenue at his home.

Today, at age 67,  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Bobby Sherman[/lastfm] continues to do humanitarian and volunteer work.  He humbly adds, “I’ve been bestowed a mountain of blessings. I felt a need to start giving back”.

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  1. Patti Gallagher says:

    Loved Bobby in my teens & still love to hear his songs. The then picture brings back memories & the now picture shows he’s aged well. Looks really good for his age. Does he still sing?

  2. Cindy says:

    A very decent teen idol became a very decent private citizen. Kudos to you Bobby Sherman, my former heart-throb!!! You have aged well, indeed. I am sure that is due to “clean living” !!! I love both fields you went in to, because I have 2 daughters in almost the same fields!!!! You are a joy to me, just as they are!!!! God Bless You and keep you safe in your work!!!! Thanks for the Memories!!!!!!

    1. Pattie Chapman says:

      Well said Cindy ❤

  3. Melissa Nolan says:

    I thought I saw Bobbie Sherman in the “2011” hallmark movie “Lucky Christmas”. Could you confirm this?

    1. Elaine says:

      I thought the same thing…..but I can’t get any info on who that guy was on the movie. I just saw the movie today! I thought, man that guy in the shop sure looked familiar! Then it hit me. So I have been trying to find out who the guy is! HELP!

  4. Rich Kellogg says:

    Before retiring, I was the South Traffic Division, LAPD, First Aid/CPR instructor. Whenever we had a training day, where CPR certification was taught, I always got Bob Sherman to come and handle the training with me. He was a great guy, but I would always introduce him as a Hollywood celebrity that everyone already knew………and then I would turn to him and tell him how much I enjoyed his singing “with The Monkees!” Bob’s jaw would drop and he’d look embarrassed and tell me “that wasn’t me. That was Davy Jones” Of course I knew that, but it became a running joke each time I introduced him. He took it in stride. Besides, he’s a lot taller than Davy Jones and doesn’t have an English accent! Unfortunately today I was informed that Davy Jones died of a heart attack. Guess I’ll have to start mistakening Bobby for somebody else!

    1. That’s a GREAT story Rich! Thanks for passing it on. – Steve

    2. Pattie Chapman says:

      Rich, great story ~ I love it!

  5. bobby sheman he is a very good singer we all love is music very much we all like him in tv show

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