hangover Seven Ways to Avoid a Hangover Before, During, and After You Drink

Hangover Cure

We don’t advocate over-indulgence, but if you do, “Real Simple” magazine made a list of ways to avoid a hangover before, during, and after you drink.Some of them are kind of obvious, but some are sort of interesting.  Here are a couple for BEFORE you drink . . .

#1.)  EAT FATTY FOODS.  Food delays the absorption of alcohol, but FATTY foods do it best because they line your intestines with grease, so the alcohol takes longer to absorb.

–Also, food that’s high in fiber helps break down the booze and keeps it from reaching your bloodstream as quickly.

#2.)  TAKE VITAMIN C.  Most people know it’s supposed to help prevent colds, but studies suggest that it can also prevent a hangover.

And for WHILE You’re Drinking . . .

#1.)  DRINK BETTER LIQUOR.  The cheap stuff isn’t filtered as many times, so it has more congeners (-pronounced CON-je-ners).  Congeners are impurities that form during the fermentation process, and they help cause hangovers.

#2.)  AVOID CARBONATION.  It makes your stomach expand, which makes you absorb more alcohol.  It happens with beer, but the bubbles in champagne and tonic water are worse.

Finally, check out three tips for the dreaded morning AFTER . . .

#1.)  EAT EGGS.  They have a chemical that helps your liver get rid of harmful free radicals, and you owe your liver some R&R after a big night.

#2.)  EAT HONEY.  That’s what the National Headache Foundation recommends.  Fructose helps your body metabolize the alcohol.  Plus, honey has vitamin B-6 in it, and some studies say that helps reduce the effects of a hangover.

#3.)  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  One of the main reasons bad hangovers are so bad is you’re SEVERELY dehydrated.  Some symptoms


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