ihandy level app Best APPS Of 2010
YES, There is an APP for that…

*  You gotta love the Clock Pro HD for traveling. It has an alarm, so you don’t have to trust the hotels for a wakeup call. Plus, it has a world clock, so if you’re overseas, you know what time it is there and at home. It also has a stopwatch, so you can time the distance from your home to your final destination: 40 hours and 36 minutes is the record to date.

* If you’re a connoisseur of all things old, decorative and one of a kind, you may be a Craigslist junkie. Most everyone in the U.S. is familiar with this great online classifieds community (and now it’s even gone international). So how exciting is the Craigslist Pro app?!  It displays the pics right with the search results, so you don’t have to click on every coffee table — just the ones that you might actually be interested in.

*  As for design-related apps, you will  love Ben Color Capture; anything you see can be scanned and instantly matched with a paint color — perfect!

* If you’re  going to keep it real, the  favorite game would be Angry Birds.   Sometimes your brain requires a little mindless entertainment.

* If you love music, you will love Shazam. This music app’s most unique feature: It can identify a song playing in the background. Pretty cool, right?

*  If you’re a handy guy you will love iHandy Level for a couple or reasons. Number one, it’s free! And number two, if you’re an “eyeballer”when it comes to hanging anything up: pictures, whiteboards, wall hangings, et al! you rarely feel like going back to the garage and finding your level, BUT, you pretty much always have your iphone on you.   Boom, level problem resolved!

*  Time Lapse is just fun.  It takes a picture of your DIY project every second, every two seconds — whatever interval of time you need. When you’re done it plays back the entire sequence as a movie.


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