The WORST Christmas Gifts Ever

presents The WORST Christmas Gifts Ever

When Tom Peake was a kid he wanted a new shot gun for Christmas.  What he got?…a plastic tabletop pinball game.  Six months later when he actually got the gun…he shot up that pinball game.

This morning, Tom and Maria asked KOOL listners about  their worst Christmas gifts.


One Comment

  1. Mary says:

    My now ex asked me back in the ’70’s if I wanted a food processor…told him no. He got me one anyone. I know it was for himself ’cause he really wanted one(he’s a great cook). It was so complicated we only used it once!!

  2. George Jasinek says:

    12/25/76 2:00AM my wife went into labor with our first son. After a long morning, afternoon and night she could not deliver. All we could see was medical bills piling up, we had no insurance. But, late that evening our first son was born and mother and child were safe and healthy. So, what could have been my worst Christmas turned out to be my best Christmas.

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