sg alice cooper Early Alice Cooper And His Local Band The Spiders

Me and Alice – a long time ago in a galaxy far away

Long before the above picture was taken, Rock And Roll HOF inductee [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Alice Cooper[/lastfm] had a band called [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Spiders[/lastfm].  They made a couple of singles that got a lot of airplay here in Phoenix and Tucson in 1965-66.  One of the songs was called Don’t Blow Your Mind .  Unless you were from this area originally  you probably haven’t heard it, but that’s about to change.

dont blow your mind the spiders Early Alice Cooper And His Local Band The Spiders

Here’s the record – and a small bonus before the song.  Somebody was recording Tucson radio in 1966 (KFIF – 1550) when an ad for a dance with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Spiders[/lastfm] played.  It’s priceless.


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  1. butch says:

    Is there any info on the spiders rival phoenix band”Precious few”?

    1. Jeff Scott says:

      Hey Butch, this is Jeff Scott, the drummer with the Precious Few from 1965/66. I’m alive and living in Portland, Or. The only other member I can tell you about is my brother Greg (lead singer). He was killed in Vietnam in 1969. I have no idea what happened to the other members (Danny, Mike and Ed Black). Would you believe I still have a reel to reel tape of the group playing at the VIP Club from December 1965? Just converted it to digital. Thanks for remembering us. It was a great time to be in a band back then. Great memories.

      Take Care!

      1. Thanks for the update Jeff – Steve

      2. Dann Bowley says:

        Hey Jeff and Butch
        Amazing to find you here Jeff! This is Danny (now Dann), leader/lead guitarplayer of the Precious Few. IT’s great to find you still kicking Jeff. In the perhaps small world category I lived in Oregon for 7 years myself inbeginning in late 68, producing concerts all up down the Northwest in the late 60s and early 70s. I had heard about Greg shortly after the bad news. Still makes me sad to this day. Butch, thanks for your interest. I have a terrfic career in the music business, working with some of the greatest bands in history – Pink FLoyd, SPringsteen, ELO, Eagles, McCartney, Billy Joel, et al. But the best band and best memories I have were of the PRecious Few. VIP owner Jack Curtis called me a while back and reiterated what he had said in a book on Phoenix bands – his favorite was The PRecious FEw as well. BTW – the beloved Ed Black passed away a few years back. Herb Petersen (rhythm guitar) I’m noit sure what happended to. Rick Anderson (Herb’s replacement who took up bass with Ed Black moving to second lead) eventually joined the Tubes.and I think still appears with their latest version. I se4cond Jeff in thanking you for remembering us and what were the greatest days of our musical lives! And Jeff, I’d love to hear from you!

  2. Wendy Clay says:

    Hey… here’s an odd comment for Dann Bowley… HWX526! Does that mean anything to you??? It sure does to me! It was the license number of your green station wagon. I was Wendy Warnken back then and just another Precious Few groupie so you probably don’t remember me, but I bet you still remember the chords to “You Baby”! (all 4 of ’em!) I’m glad to hear that you stayed in the music biz. I wish you continued success.
    Anybody know whatever happened to John Speer?

    1. Dann Bowley says:

      Hi Wendy

      Hi Wendy. Great to hear from you! Truth is, I remember you better than I remember the station wagon, let alone the license plate! However, I do seem to recall the chords to You Baby and a million more.

      I’d love to catch up with you. You can reach me at

      And as for John, I haven’t seen or heard from him for years – a while after the time he left the Spiders but not since.

  3. Jeff Scott says:

    Hey Dann, good to hear you’re also still kickin and in the music business. I agree, we should connect and fill in the missing pieces for the last 45 years. My email is Hope to hear from you.


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