theofficechristmas Five Things You Shouldnt Do at the Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

A lot of companies are having their holiday parties in the next couple weeks.  So if you’re going to one, “Forbes” magazine has a list of five things you shouldn’t do at your office Christmas party.

#1.)  Don’t Be Late.  The beginning of an office party is the best time to network with senior executives.  And even though you probably won’t get in TROUBLE for being late, it definitely won’t look good.

#2.)  Don’t Be a Wallflower.  A lot of people only talk to the same people they talk to at work every day.  But even a short conversation with your boss or your BOSS’S boss can help your career.

#3.)  Don’t Tell Dirty Jokes.  Even if everybody’s having a great time and the atmosphere is relaxed, you’ll probably offend someone.

#4.)  Don’t Show Up Your Boss.  If he’s carrying on about something you know more about, keep it to yourself.  And if he tells a joke everyone laughs at, don’t steal his thunder and tell a better one five seconds later.

#5.)  Don’t Lose Control.  Getting drunk might not get you FIRED, but it’ll still have a lasting effect on how you’re thought of at work.  And it’ll make you the butt of a lot of jokes.

 –On a related note, 79% of companies plan to serve alcohol at their holiday parties this year, compared to 73% last year.  The all-time high was in 2000, when 90% of office Christmas parties had booze.

  1. George Jasinek says:

    Never be photographed with a drink in your hand. No. 2 is correct, network, you can “drink” at any party. Christmas parties can offer a little, but cost a lot.

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