mcho Video: Margaret Cho On Who Pressured Bristol Palin To Do Dancing With The Stars, Plus The Situation And The Grammys

Margaret Cho may have lost Dancing With The Stars to her fellow castmate Bristol Palin, but life is actually looking very bright for the fierce and funny comedienne, as this week, her new musical comedy album Cho Dependent became a Grammy nominee for Best Comedy Album.

Cho’s tenure on Dancing With The Stars was unexpectedly short, but as the following video interview divulges, it was long enough to get the dirt on why Bristol Palin was on the show to begin with. [Hint: Big time pressure from an influential family member.] Cho’s also quick to note that The Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is a lot nicer than most people would think: “He’s darling, very awesome, and a very sweet guy!”

Our friends Fernando and Greg at Movin 99.7 in San Francisco conducted this interview with Cho and produced the video below. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of Cho, or Dancing with the Stars, this is well worth a watch! The hilarious Cho dishes deep on her Dancing With The Stars experience, including the Bristol Palin pressure issue (which she first unveiled on her blog), talks about her Grammy nomination, and even unveils the dress she’ll wear to the award ceremony itself. Let’s just say that other attendees may need a gas mask.

Thanks to our friends at Movin 99.7 for hosting Cho and producing this great video!

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