Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

tristan page bksis Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

Tristan is a Be KOOL Stay In School qualifier we announced a couple of weeks ago. Here is his story.

Tristan is a bright, funny, charming, 13 year old boy. He has always been curious, smart and interested in everything.

When Tristan was in first grade he was having a hard time learning to read, his teacher at the time said that it was just developmental and he’d get it soon. By the start of second grade Tristan was still struggling, although he had been read to since he was an infant and loved books and stories; he did not want to read anything himself. We decided to have some tests done and found out that he is actually super smart but that he has dyslexia. We finished that school year with a tutor to help with reading skills.

We then put Tristan into a private school that specializes in kids with learning challenges and he thrived there for three years. During this time we read a bunch of books to him about other successful people that happen to have dyslexia and great lives. One year he was awarded with Athlete of the Year for the school, this was based on sportsmanship and attitude as well as being a good athlete. The next year he was awarded Student of the Year, this was again based on being a good citizen and improving a great deal with his reading skills. We found and read the Hank Zipzer series of books by Henry Winkler about a fun loving boy who also has dyslexia. Tristan loved those books.

He was now ready for middle school and so we moved him back into our neighborhood school. He has done really well there for the past two and a half years and just got straight A’s on his report card for the first quarter. Dyslexia has been something that Tristan has learned to work around. He is open and honest with people and lets them know that he is not a great speller but he is a hard worker, organized and has a great heart and attitude. He is happy, healthy and has a lot of empathy for other people and their situations. He understands how important it is to read well and get a good education. He is planning on going to school for a degree in nautical engineering.


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