online shopping1 Five Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

Online Shopping

In case you haven’t heard, today is Cyber Monday.  It’s like Black Friday, but on the Internet. 

#1.)  Shop Early.  It’s the Internet, so it feels like deals won’t end.  But in reality, it’s just like Black Friday:  The earlier you shop, the better the deal is.  Some sites even started their Cyber Monday sales YESTERDAY.

#2.)  Compare Prices.  Don’t buy anything until you’ve checked the price on at least two or three other sites.  Amazon is a good place to get a price on just about anything.

–And you can also try Google’s “Shopping” link in the top left corner of their homepage.

#3.)  Do Your Research.  The great thing about buying stuff on the Internet is you can do research WHILE you shop.  And the reviews on most websites can be sorted by “most favorable,” “most critical,” and “most helpful.”

– suggests reading the top three reviews in each category.

#4.)  Be Careful With Your Credit Card.  If you end up on a weird website and the price is significantly lower than anywhere else, Google the name of the site and make sure it’s not bogus.

–You should also never use your credit card when you’re on public Wi-Fi, because it’s a lot easier for someone to steal your credit card number.

 #5.)  Don’t Forget To Look For Coupons.  A lot of websites let you use them on top of the Cyber Monday sale prices. and are two good places to check first.

Just thought of a 6th… Make sure your Anti-Virus software is up to date!


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