Getting Through Airport Security


airport security Getting Through Airport Security

Airport Security


Everyone is talking about the airport pat-downs and body scanners – but there is more to airport security than that.

• Carry-on bags save money – and packing them right will save you time. Layer the stuff in there and put the toiletries and 3 ounce liquids on top or in a side pocket where you can get them in and out quickly.

• Wear slip-on shoes if you can – and avoid items with metal buckles and buttons.

• The fewer layers of clothing you wear – the better. Take coats and sweaters off and empty your pockets before you get to the check point.

• If you’re taking gifts – make sure they’re unwrapped.

• Tag or label everything – carry-ons, laptops, pocket books – everything. If it gets left behind it will look a LOT less suspicious.


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