dancing with the stars final three Who Will Win DWTS?

Frankly, I stopped watching Dancing With The Stars once Kurt Warner was booted.  Although, I DID pop on Skating With The Stars for a few minutes last night.   Tonight is the DWTS finale.  Who do YOU think will win???

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  1. Betty says:

    I think it will be Bristol only because she’s the underdog BUT she really has improved the most since the beginning. Jennifer is the best and Kyle is the cutist so it’s anyone’s game.

    1. I laughed when they announced the contestants at the beginning of the season. To me, Jennifer Grey was a no-brainer the entire time! I mean, come on…she had to study dance for “Dirty Dancing.” I hope she wins it all. Too bad her original nose couldn’t be there to see it 😉

      Thanks for reading my blog, Betty!

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