Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

img 1830 Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School

Last Friday, we announced our latest Fulton Homes Be KOOL Stay In School qualifier.  Meet Casey from Imagine Prep in Surprise.  Casey is now qualified for one of three $4,000 College Scholarships at the end of the school year.  CLICK HERE for information on how you can nominate a deserving 6th, 7th, or 8th grader

Casey is a bright, beautiful seventh grade student at Imagine Prep. She came into our family at two years old and into our hearts forever. Casey and her little brother were placed in our home, as foster children, in New Jersey. Casey has always been a fighter, surviving a premature birth. We gave her emotional and social supports that she could “rise above” her delayed start in life. Casey started her school career in a preschool disabled program with wonderful teachers. We were not a fan of medication in young children but, with much convincing by doctors, decided to start her ADHD medication at four years old. Casey was adopted into our family at seven years old. We moved to Arizona to provide a new beginning for the kids and give them more advantages. Along the journey she has had to watch her grandmother pass to lung cancer, struggle with her emotional past, and build trusting relationships with others. She keeps a high grade point average and is complimented by her teachers. Over this past summer, Casey decided to take herself off her medication. She decided she would use her own coping skills to guide her when struggling with her ADHD. She has been off the meds for six months and is doing fabulous! She had an excellent report card the first semester and her teachers had great things to say at conference. 

Casey supports herself through Girl Scouts and Cheerleading. She was thrilled to make the cheer squad for Imaging Prep and loves practicing stunts with her team. She has been a girl scout for eight years and earned her bronze award last year. She loves to do community service projects that involve caring for others. We are so proud of Casey and all the obstacles she has over come. We know she is headed for a great future. She loves science and hopes to one day become a doctor or forensic scientist.

We know she can do anything!!


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