cardinals coach ken whisenhunt Should Whisenhunt Whiz Out Of Town?

Ken Whisenhunt took the Cardinals to their first ever Super Bowl.  But, the team has now lost FIVE games in a row.  Kurt Warner retired.  Matt Leinart bailed.  Neither Derek Anderson or Max Hall are getting it done.  Is the problem with the players…or the coach?  What do YOU think?  Take my poll.

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  1. Bill says:

    It isn’t Whizenhut’s fault we have NO QB, did you see Sundays game? EVERY pass was OVER thrown, EVERY pass.
    The Cards need a new QB, Lienhart didn’t workout, the 2 they have aren’t any good.

    1. Bill- While *I* agree with you, some people wants the Coach’s head on a plate. So glad you took my poll! I like to know what KOOL listeners think. Thanks 🙂

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